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Untitled/Unfinished 2

Fine wine with a dash of cyanide I chose you still
Unorthodox stupidity but who needs a brain anyways?
Calculated doses of the drug I chose, Y.O.U
Kryptonite laced kisses, I’ll still dine you to my grave
Only you, can ruin and build me
Unsettling feeling, ain’t it? Now it’s my turn to ruin you, are you ready ?

F.U.C.K Y.O.U, she said poetically.


I found the note pinned to the door with a knife I had left on the sink earlier that day. My fiance was still in the car, cocooned in her innocence, blind to my past life. This was the second note that week. The first one wasn’t as poetic, as a matter of perspective, it was direct. I got a box loosely tied with a red lace and inside lay a red lingerie with a house key. Her scent sat heavily on the french delicacy that found its way to my nose. Dont judge me ! That meant she wasn’t wearing anything and… “No ! Not going to happen”, I whispered to myself. It was just a few days after Tamandani and I announced our engagement. Apparently that didn’t sit well with Noma. My exe, she believed my very existence was hers to control.

Noma was my first love, the first girl to break my heart and the first person to stalk me. She gave me most firsts and with how things were going, I was going to be her first homicide.

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