We are tired of Socks and Mugs

Gifts are the ultimate physical sign of appreciation or to some the Lord being their Shepard is enough. I have heard a lot of our empresses complaining about what to get for men, my response has always been the same. Get him things he likes not things you assume all men like. But they like other women, and that is how most of the conversation end. So what do you get for men ? I will tell you what not to get then you will have to figure out what to get.


If your gift is your body or any part of you , please stop. Unless if for some miraculous act I’ll wear, drink or drive you then by all means be that gift. You can’t expect to reciprocate a gift set with just your body, would you accept the same from him ?


You can get socks, that is fair and fine, question is who is going to wear them ? I personally buy my socks in bulk and half the time I lose them to friends, to mops and however else socks disappear. Point is your man probably feels the same. We are tired of these Dollar-for-4 socks. If you are going to get socks, at least get something decent so that whoever I lose them to won’t be disappointed at your taste.


I used to think it was a joke to get a cup. Well I still do, maybe its because I haven’t been gifted with a cup yet. What sentimental values sits in a cup to the generation that barely drinks tea. If he loves coffee and you think getting a cup is a good idea. It’s not. Cups are not meant to be gifts, let kitchen utensils be just that. We are tired.


I must say, some belts are pretty cool. I would love a belt as a gift. The moment that belt has a BMW logo or some weird buckle, you’ll make me feel like John Cena. You won’t see your next gift.

So what do you really get for men ?


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