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We need a Dating Resume!

Hello Humans,

You read that right, we need a résumé e to go with the talking phase and whatever comes after. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have to be something typed out (but that would be cool), but the contents of it matters.

Let me explain what I mean. We jump into relationships with emotions flying all over, following “vibes” but we miss the little essential questions that could make or break a relationship. So we need to approach how we get to know people like we’re making a Resume for them. We need to avoid popayism at all costs.

Makes sense? When you’re accepting resumes/CV, there are requirements they have to meet. Right? You can’t hire a plumber to fix electricity so why pick a situationshipee to play boyfriend? ( Titles matter)

So what does this Resume/CV have?

Basic information

Name, age, educational background and where they stay. Do you know how embarrassing it is to discover the person you’re dating is some what related to you because you didn’t bother to ask their surname. Or maybe after your first pregnancy scare, you discover the person is under age. Well, the educational bit, you just have to know. I mean. Find out. “Word!”, “Hmm” and “Awww” won’t cut it when you need actual productive input.


Yes! Experience. Not the one your mind took you. With life in general. Past traumas, recent issues. Why? You might be a rebound. Or just a distraction while they sort things with their people. Let’s take a move deeper. Some experiences alter how we perceive the world. Knowing those creates schemas and we know how to handle situations or to even walk away from certain people.

The Objective

What do they want from you? Simple enough right? That’s it.

Why should you choose them?

Like in an interview, that question is about value. What do they have that no one else has? What makes them deserving of you? Why should you choose them? This also speaks to your value system. You look at what you have in common with who ever you’re courting (or who’s asking you out) and decide if you’re compatible.

Someone who speaks ill or disregards family is a walking carnival, Red flag central.


I’m going overboard with this ain’t I? But birds of the same feather tend to flock together. “Show me your friends and I’ll know who you are”. Next. Family. This is rather hard but eventually you’ll know. Someone who speaks ill or disregards family is a walking carnival, Red flag central.


I’m kidding. That’s it. ( But do check their social media out, some people are just shameless).

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