Mind of a boyfriend

What are we?

What are we? Really? I could think of a lot of savage responses to answer that but failing to answer that question is cruelty.

Question interpretation

” I see what we’re doing, I’ve caught feelings and I would like to know if there’s a future in this or I should start looking for a pet to love …Or we do what I want”


I honestly don’t see the reason to get to that point, people need to be clear about their intentions. It’s not fair to lead someone on just to have them “see how it goes”. Titles matter as much as each stage of a relationship. There’s no definite time frame to any of this but past a certain period, it becomes awkward to not know what you’re doing. How do you address the person? How do you introduce them? And most importantly how much space do you give them in your heart if you’re unshow of what you are?. If you need to know, ask. It will save you time and heartache.

Then of course, there are people who just have to be weird about everything. You cannot ask the “what are we” question on a talking stage. “Patience woman! I’m trying to know you first”. Being asked that on the first date is red flag, what’s the rush? Are you trying to sacrifice me for something..

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