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What potentials look for in dating/social media profiles

Online dating. Haaa. I never thought I’d do it but here we are. It’s actually a pretty cool way to date now, considering how much time we spend on our phones while ignoring people around us.

What potential dates look for in dating profile is basically close to how you shop for things online. We compare value and the actual cost of it, similar products and whatever Joe Goldberg searches for. I’ll talk about social media too, because that’s how most people actually meet now, outside dating sites. These are my thoughts :

Profiles that try too hard are a hard pass, a hell no. People would rather hear about you and your interests instead of trying to decipher your “trendy” looking profile. ‘Sapiosexual, LLB adrenaline junky, forex bae’. Point is, some profiles are an immediate cringe. Be a real person. Your profile should be short and sweet. Give a teaser of your interests and personality so that they can dig more if they want to know more and without listing everything about me all at once. Don’t be an onion, layers and layers of the same blinding effect.

Definitely no half naked pictures. Yes, it’s your body and all but, you’ll only attract thirsty people. And they will come, unless if you just want hook ups the by all means, advertise.

Basically people simultaneously look at career/success and of course your attractiveness, personality and social ranking based on your appearance in pictures and written profile. When you DM someone for the first time, best believe they will look at your picture, analyze and decide if responding to you is worth their time. (I do that too, and apparently I put people in zones in that phase).

I could keep writing but I must say this, some of the most amazing people I’ve met have the weirdest bios and profiles online. They don’t really exist online, which is apparently where my type lies. Which brings me to my last point, oversharing is a turn off. If all your thoughts, traumas, insecurities, secrets and experiences are all online, what’s the point in pursuing you, I’ll watch your reality show on social media.


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