Mind of a boyfriend

What women really want in a guy

I think I’ve finally figured it out. ( That’s an overstatement, otherwise, I wouldn’t be single half the time ). Women like men are evolutionary beings so some wants emanate from base human needs. (Odd how the bare minimum now counts as wants in this era). Here’s what I believe women want.


It’s that simple. Stability comes with peace of mind and that means it’s much easier to rely on a stable person. The sad thing is we have a lot of male divas ruining things by being all over the place. Ladies want a stable guy, no one builds houses on rivers. Or on Fantasy leagues. Or whatever.


Hahaha yes. Financials aside, because that is just obvious at this point. The provision could be input in other aspects of life, no lady wants a man who can’t do basic things or provide knowledge on things she doesn’t know. Don’t force them into having besties lacking some competencies. Those finances we put aside, yes those too. Part of being stable comes from managing finances and having a stream of income somehow.


Support them. Be there. Help nurture their interests. Listen to suggestions they have about things they value, including your relationships. They care more about it than you anyways.


Ladies want someone with goals. Constructive goals. Things she can build a life around. That’s why some settle for wealth and learn to love later, we’ve established that love doesn’t have a paycheck. Gents with solid feasible goals is what they want, is that too much to ask?


Women are tender beings. Babies to their men. And like babies, give them the attention, care, and love they deserve. So what they want is everything their friends want, babies do that too. (Don’t overanalyze that). Love them stupid. Make them feel your love, remember love is a verb.

You, To be other Men

They want other men who ain’t you. Where am I going with this? I’m just kidding… If she chose you, be what she hoped you could be. Be a man. (Be delicate, loyal, reliable, honest and all the great makings of a man. And above all be great, be above the basic gent).

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