Why being single in your mid 20s is better

Why being single is in your mid 20s is better sounds violent but this is a necessary topic. With agemates getting into serious relationships,  others getting married and some bring life to this world the pressure mounts. All those things are beautiful but being single is just as beautiful, its rather odd how it seems like a disability to be single. Being single is perfectly ok, this is why it’s better:

You have time to yourself

When you’re single, you have time to work on yourself. You don’t split it with anyone so it makes everything easier. When you feel like it, you can give yourself all the attention you can get.

relationships are expensive

I say so
Limited budget

Let’s face it, relationships are expensive. Not to say love is but relationship need money to maintain. There’s twice the load on some expenses like toiletries, data plans and we’re not talking about going out and monthly gifts. Add a baby to the mix then boom, crisis. Don’t get me wrong all those things are necessary and part of the process but when you’re single your budget is flexible.

* with that time and extra budget you should be able to try out as many hustles as your money and energy can allow.

Your allegiance is to yourself

If you decide there’s a business opportunity in another city, you can up and leave. No fuss, no stress but in a relationship there are a lot of things to put into consideration. At your mid 20s, the priority is to be established and finding footing for your life but if you’re in a relationship that hinders growth you’ll miss good opportunities.

You can reflect more

Despite the social pressure on being settled at that age, being single brings clarity. You see the world clearer when you’re selfish about some aspects, like your dreams, vision board and life map. In a relationship some dreams are diluted or delayed since relationships work best with compromises.

The freedom

How many times do your friends in relationships check their phones on a night out? Night outs are a stretch,  maybe it’s necessary to report. What about times your friends skip an entire planned event because of a relationship? , in the mid 20s, most of the events are areas of networking,  it’s where people usually find ideas and links.

So what am I saying?

If you’re single don’t get in a relationship because of those people who are in relationships. Jumping in a relationship blindly will leave you depressed. All these things discussed are possible in a healthy relationship but the magnitude is significantly lower. If you’re in a relationship,  check this out .


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