Mind of a boyfriend

Why I’m single. Relate?

I’ve been asked why I’m single a couple of times like it’s a handicap. ( Or maybe it is, I don’t know anymore). These are MY reasons, you could relate. Let’s jump right into it.

I am tired

Relationship are beautiful and all but I am tired. For now. I don’t have the energy to talk and try to build something from scratch only to feel void. I don’t think a relationship is what I need right now. And I don’t want to know a new person’s favorite color, what they’re doing every few minutes and definitely don’t have energy for you-hang-up arguments.

I am broke

Yes. I am broke for a relationship. I know they say true love doesn’t require money. Well tell that to women who buy their own data, do their own hair, and take themselves out on dates. Relationships need a bit of stability, and right now I don’t not have that. But we could chill as friends, and I wouldn’t mind spending then. They won’t compare their drinks with other friends.

Maybe I need to heal

Bitter pill to swallow. I genuinely think I need to heal from everything. Life, past relationships, the spiritual. Everything. I cannot carry that burden into a relationship. Relationships are not hospitals or therapeutic holds, I will go in when I’m pure.

I like it here

If you want to take anything from this post, this is it. I like being single. It’s peaceful here. I can sleep whenever I want, go wherever I want and forget my phone at home. Basically exist like a butterfly, following the wind. And, there’s no way I’ll have to explain who Susan is to anyone. Being single does come with it’s problems, like…. Uhmm. There are no problems here.

I haven’t found my superficial Miss Me

The downside of being single is you start building imaginary people and you put new people in contrast to that imagination. The good thing about this is you might be able to avert settling for less. ( I want a beautiful chocolate girlfriend, who understands we’re alone together and doesn’t know anyone I know). But they say when you meet the one, they’ll change your view on it all. It’s funny how I keep meeting bottles and they’re doing exactly that.

The people I want are taken


Nobody wants me

That’s a possibility. I might be bringing all these reasons and inflating my ego but maybe nobody wants me. If people want you, it’s hard to stay single as a guy. ( I mean I get that I don’t want them but this is about them wanting me).

I have no time for it

Relationships are pets. With diarrhea. And an insatiable appetite. On drugs. Point is they need a lot of time and effort. I’m at a point where I could make or break my life, that pressure is enough to occupy my time. My peers are peaking, it’s beautiful and scary, it keeps me up at night. Right now, my focus is more on self improvement and trying to find my footing. Some people can do it all and be in a relationship, I don’t think I can. But if you see me in a relationship, she is strong. Very strong.

I’m just bitter

Maybe. May be. Optimistic people appreciate everything about life and love. Maybe I’m not in that group. I might be single because I’m bitter. Or maybe this is more your reason than mine.

I’m not over my previous relationships


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