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Why they don’t want a relationship with you?

You click with them but they don’t pop the question. And this happens with a couple of guys and you think maybe you’re the problem. ( which is quite possible so let’s go with that angle.) They treat you just right and you at times feel like they’re the one. ( Ladies/ Gents really). So what are you doing wrong? Let’s get to it, these are all hypothetical but if this hypothetical shoe fits, remove it and burn it.

You send missed signals

You’re hot then you’re cold You’re “Yes” then you’re “No” You’re in then you’re out You’re up then you’re down 

Katy Perry

Signals have to match the message. Imagine if a zebra crossing line was coupled with a no stopping sign. That’s my point.

You’re better as an idea

Some people enjoy the thought of being with you but would not really want to be with you. For some reasons, they will give you everything and just not want you in that way. This may stem from you not knowing where you want to fit in. This comes from the things you may do or say. ( Say I like you but you love the bar more than me, I might rethink a relationship with you even if the idea of you is amazing).

You’re a fantasist

> definition :(ˈfæntəsɪst)
1. a person who indulges in fantasies
2. (Professions) a person who writes musical or literary fantasies

First definition is what I mean although some have become professionals in it. Some things are impractical and they chase people away. We’re wired and grounded in reality and there’s a threshold of fantasies we escape from. ( This is how we end up calling some people crazy). People probably don’t date you because you live in a fantasy. “I won’t buy you pizza every day Susan!”, A- because it will get expensive B- It’s a little unhealthy C- When was the last time you had it as a family?. Ignore the last bit.

You’re all over the place

Yes you’re single but don’t become everyone’s plus 1. Don’t be a blunt, stop being passed out for fun.

You’re like club music

Good when it’s all fun and games but impossible to stomach in serious times. What am I saying? You’re all games and there’s no real reason for anyone to have a future with you because you don’t even take yourself serious. ( I should have said take a shot for this one)

You don’t make the cut

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