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How to get over your ex

How to get over your ex sounds too ambitious. Let’s go with how to detox them instead. It’s a process and it’s not an easy one. A lot goes into it especially if the relationship was a long one. But it can be done, small steps.

Clear your chest

When you do break up, there are a lot of emotions flying around. Those could be hurt, anger, disappointment, whatever they are, resolve them. The final talk you have with them should be the only closure you need. Depending on the circumstances of the break up, get ‘why’ answered. Then accept that it didn’t work out. ( Don’t blame yourself if it didn’t work unless if you’re the reaon for it [jokes… Or not])

Wipe the digital evidence

We humans are weird, we may forget certain details but we remember the exact emotions we felt at a certain time. Pictures, texts, videos and media like that will bring back those feelings. And if you’re trying to get over your ex, keeping those is like keeping drugs in your rehab room. Delete everything.

Cut ties

As a couple, you might have shared a lot of things since you shared a life. That could be accounts, phones, other gadgets, or whatever really. Cut those ties, it might take some time but cut them off. Revert back to a life when you were alone. If you can, burn or donate the things you remain with.


In this social media age, chances are you follow each other on every platform. Unfollow them and all their close friends. Exes have a weird way of starting to look better without you. Or they get vindictive and challenge your mental health by rubbing in how happy they are without you. Clear all chats, delete their numbers if you can ( don’t get me wrong you can be in contact with your ex, if you’re over them or feeel it doesn’t affect your relationships). Delete the friends’ numbers too. Their friends will not hesitate to post theit friend because of you, remember they ain’t your friends.

Move on

If you’re ready, all healed up and have pure intentions. Moving on will give you someone amazing (hopefully). Your ex will become a shadow of your past.

Don’t forget to vent

If they hurt you, or you miss them or some how remembered something. Vent to your friends, not your current partner because well that’s creepy and probably chaotic. Venting is a great way to let go as you’re letting out your thoughts.

Do You

With the new life without them you can literally do whatever you want. Psychologically speaking, pain lasts a few seconds, what we feel after is self inflicted. Overthinking, reminiscing, anger all bring it back, the best you can do to get over your ex is to let go and do you.

Don’t be vengeful

Vengeance is one way of being stuck over your ex forever. If you’re constantly plotting to hurt them, that means they’re always on your mind. Everything will remind you of them and you won’t get over them, or detox them. Forgive, move on, do not react. Sometimes silence and nonchalance is how you play your move.

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