Mind of a boyfriend

Oh Glorious Situationship !

You think you’re in a relationship ? Everything is there, the attention, the sparks and the butterflies but it all seems like you’re a continuous one night stand. Friends with endless benefits. Chances are you’re in a relationship, alone. That uncertainty, that grey area is a situationship .These are signs that you’re in a situationship :


I. No titles !

On the previous post we talked about titles and their implications. If there is no title there is no relationship.

Thought: Are you the boyfriend? Are you the Girlfriend? How do you know you’re the Main ?

If you’re unsure of any of those answers, you’re probably in a situationship.


II. You don’t meet in public

The bedroom , the place of wonders. The redroom of your fantasies. Cute right ? But is that the only place you meet ? You loving each other like night riders, your daylight ringless affair. Are you always meeting at night or act like strangers in public? All simple questions really. The answer : situationship.


III. You don’t take pictures together

Pictures, the most basic of relationships. A way to keep your memories forever. If you’re not taking them , then there’s no need to remember the memories. Or it’s a risk. Or maybe you take pictures but they are never in his gallery . Do you see where this is going?


IV. You don’t make plans together

Relationships have dates and some shared activities. Things you love doing together and future plans are the building blocks of relationships. That’s where relationship goals come from. And if you are not making plans together then you’re probably in …. yep. Situationship.


V. You communicate like the navy

Your communication is only when you need to meet up and it’s mostly in form of text. Random texts and calls are unwelcome and unexpected visits are criminal. Your text contents are mostly just sexting and time schedules. You are a decorated booty call who gets to stay over for coffee.


You may notice some signs are missing because times have changed. Knowing his/her friends doesn’t confirm a relationship, it’s a game of minds now. You may know his friends and often hang out in some secluded environments. Knowing his friends only matters if they can go on dates that have you involved and their girlfriends too. You also don’t get to keep any of their belongings. Things of sentimental value are just a fantasy to you.


Disclaimer: These signs are just pointers not the law. You might be in a relationship that just hasn’t matured. Like a probation period. But remember probation is short time. If that’s not the case then talk to your partner about it.


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